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The Corrections Committee of the Tri-County Intergroup

Help incarcerated alcoholics in Raleigh and surrounding areas of Wake, Warren & Franklin Counties receive Alcoholics Anonymous literature to aid in their sobriety journey.

What is the Corrections Committee?

The mission of the Corrections Committee is to provide Alcoholics Anonymous literature to those with a desire to be sober in Wake, Franklin, Warren Counties and beyond. The committee sends conference-approved literature to people who are incarcerated and seeking sobriety through AA free of charge. The Alcoholics Anonymous conference-approved literature that we send includes, the Big Book, Twelve and Twelve, Daily Reflections, and others that help those who are alcoholic and working the steps to achieve sobriety.

Helping Inmates with Alcoholism in Raleigh NC and Beyond with the Corrections Committee

Learn more about the Corrections Committee of the Tri-County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous that helps connect those who are incarcerated and alcoholic who are looking for conference-approved AA literature to help them become sober in Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Wake Forest, and surrounding areas of Wake, Franklin and Warren Counties. Additionally, the committee works with prison and jail staff to bring meetings to inmates who are seeking sobriety. The Corrections Committee meets on the third Sunday of each month at 4:00 PM at the Tri-County Intergroup.

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    How Can I Help the Corrections Committee Provide Literature and Bring AA Meetings to Inmates Looking to Get Sober?

    There are several ways to participate with the Corrections Committee and help carry the message of sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous to those who are in jail and prison and identify as alcoholic. You are welcome to join the committee at the monthly meeting on the third Sunday of each month at 4 PM. Additionally, you can help support the Corrections Committee in our mission of providing literature by contributing. The Corrections Committee receives contributions from members of Alcoholics Anonymous through Literature in Prisons (LIPs) cans that are passed during meetings. Use the QR code provided to contribute directly to the program or send collection money to P.O. Box 31261, Raleigh, NC 27622

    Scan this code to contribute to the Literature In Prisons (LIPS) program

    Donate Grapevine Magazines

    You can also support inmates who are seeking sobriety by donating your or your homegroup’s used Grapevine magazine. The Grapevine, the official magazine of Alcoholics Anonymous, is an AA meeting in print. These magazines allow inmates looking to be sober to hold meetings within the facilities whenever they’d like.

    Correspond to an Inmate

    Additionally, you can sign up to share your experience, strength, and hope with inmates across the US by signing up to write letters to them. Please fill out the Correspondence Application and mail it to GSO and they will connect you with an alcoholic with whom you can correspond.

    Get Reimbursed for Providing Literature to Inmates

    The Corrections Committee uses the funds collected through Literature in Prisons (LIPs) collections to purchase literature for incarcerated individuals in North Carolina. Individuals and homegroups who wish to purchase literature to take into institutions must follow the Tri-County Corrections Literature Request and Reimbursement Procedures. Individuals can submit request forms via mail and email, but we encourage you to use the Tri-County Corrections Literature Request Form to expedite the process. Please reference the Reimbursement Procedures document for specifics.  

    Contact The Tri-County Intergroup Corrections Committee

    The mission of the Tri-County Corrections Committee is to provide AA literature to incarcerated persons in the Tri-County area and beyond. They send conference-approved literature (Big Books, Twelve and Twelve, Daily Reflections, etc.) to incarcerated persons free of charge. Contributions are received from AA groups through LIPs (Literature in Prisons) collection cans and from individuals. The committee also works with prison and jail staff to bring AA meetings into facilities. The committee meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 4:00 PM. More information about these meetings is in the service calendar.