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TRICYPAA – The Triangle Committee of Young People in AA

TRICYPAA, The Triangle Committee of Young People in AA, is committed to providing a strong, unified fellowship of young recovering people in the Triangle area. In accordance with AA’s 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts for World Service, we host a variety of both recovery related and fellowship focused events along with encouraging participation in YPAA (Young Peoples in Alcoholics Anonymous) functions. In the spirit of service, our primary purpose is to share the message of recovery to newcomers in an attractive setting for young people.

“Coming into A.A. as young people, we found that there were common challenges to face. In the beginning, we often felt we were too young to be alcoholics. Some of us didn’t drink for a long time; others didn’t drink hard liquor, stumble around, or forget what we did or said when drunk. Being young in the everyday world we face peer pressure, stressful relationships with our parents, and parties being a way of life. In A.A., we often feel different because we may be the youngest person in our group, and some have even had an uninformed older member discourage us by saying things like “I spilled more booze than you drank.”

The Triangle Committee of Young People in AA, also known as TRICYPAA, provides service and fellowship opportunities for the young and young at heart who are attempting to attain or maintain sobriety in Raleigh NC and surrounding areas. While not a service committee of the Tri-County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous, TRICYPAA has service positions available that work within the Intergroup. TRICYPAA has service positions available in CPCPI, H & I, and Helpline. We work closely with the recovery community to Help alcoholics who want to quit drinking in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

While there are undoubtedly challenges to face as a young person attempting to recover from alcohol or drugs, it is important to remember you are not alone. The Raleigh area is thriving with young people in recovery, with an active fellowship and specific meetings geared towards the young person. TRICYPAA, or Triangle Committee of Young People, in AA is also an excellent way to engage in fellowship and get involved with other young people striving to live their best sober life. TRICYPAA partners with other Young People’s Groups in the area as part of NCCYPAA and engages in a variety of fellowship activities, meetings, conferences, and recovery events. Use the contact form to reach a member of the TRICYPAA team and come walk with others as we “trudge this road of happy destiny”.


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