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Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap Committee of the Tri-County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Learn more about the Bridging The Gap Committee of the Tri-County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (BTG) and how we help an alcoholic transition from a sober life in a facility to a sober life on the outside in Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Wake Forest and surrounding areas of Wake, Franklin, and Warren Counties.

Bridging the Gap: Providing Support to the Alcoholic Leaving a Treatment Facility/Rehab in Raleigh and Beyond

Bridging the Gap (BTG) is the Temporary Contact Program of AA. This committee works to help bridge the gap between the treatment facility and an AA group or meeting during the initial journey of sober living.

When an alcoholic leaves a treatment facility, it is an abrupt and tenuous step back into reality. They have to begin to go through issues of life on their own without the 24 hour-a-day support of professionals. Rehab is a process; it takes hard work and dedication to get through.  We know it took quite some time to become addicted and it’s going to take time to get comfortable being sober. Our Temporary Contact, an Alcoholics Anonymous member assigned to them, helps to ease this transition.

Walking into your first AA meeting can be intimidating. Alcoholics Anonymous offers a Temporary Contact person to help. It’s a member that meets the newly-sober person at a variety of AA meetings for a few weeks – introducing them to other sober AA members, ensuring they get telephone numbers, and guiding them in the importance of a sponsor and a homegroup.

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    What Can I Expect as a Temporary Contact Person for the Newcomer Transitioning to a Sober Life in Raleigh NC and Surrounding Areas?

    An AA member who volunteers to be a BTG Temporary Contact and accepts a request is available to meet the patient upon release from treatment or rehab and attend several meetings for two weeks. A BTG Coordinator matches those leaving treatment with a Temporary Contact on the basis of gender, zip code, and age group whenever possible.

    The vital 12-step work of BTG includes: possibly visiting the alcoholic before they leave the facility, providing AA literature, going to different kinds of meetings (especially one immediately after the patient’s release from rehab), introducing the person to another alcoholic, and ensuring they have contact numbers. As a Temporary Contact, you do not serve as a sponsor but you are encouraged to carry the message of sobriety and help guide them to select a sponsor and home group.

    Requirements for BTG volunteers:

    • You have at least 1 year of current, continuous sobriety
    • You have a sponsor and a home group
    • You are familiar with the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous

    How Can I Volunteer for Bridge the Gap Committee in Raleigh NC?

    If you are interested in bringing the message of AA as a sober alcoholic in Raleigh NC and surrounding areas, contact the Bridge the Gap Committee of the Tri-County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous. We welcome individuals in AA who are interested in sharing their experience, strength, and hope in recovering from alcoholism with rehab centers in Raleigh and other areas we serve. Ask your home group how you can be of service, contact us today for more information or contact the Tri-County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous.