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Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap Committee of the Tri-County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Learn more about the Bridging The Gap Committee of the Tri-County Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (BTG) and how we help an alcoholic transition from a sober life in a facility to a sober life on the outside in Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Wake Forest and surrounding areas of Wake, Franklin, and Warren Counties.

Bridging the Gap: Providing Support to the Alcoholic Leaving a Treatment Facility/Rehab in Raleigh and Beyond

Part of Bridging the Gap between a treatment program and A.A. is the Temporary Contact Program, which is designed to help the alcoholic in an alcoholism treatment program make that transition.

As you know, one of the more “slippery” places in the journey is between the door of the facility and the nearest A.A. group or meeting. Some of us can tell you that, even though we heard of A.A. in treatment, we were too fearful to go.

A.A. Experience suggest that attending meetings regularly is critical. In order to bridge the gap, A.A. members have volunteered to be temporary contacts and introduce newcomers to Alcoholics Anonymous.

It is suggested that the temporary contact take the newcomer to a variety of A.A. Meetings; introduce him or her to other A.A.s; ensure that he or she has phone numbers of several A.A. members, and share the experience of sponsorship and a home group.

For more information or if you, or someone you know, are interested in a temporary contact, please email

How Can I Volunteer for Bridge the Gap Committee in Raleigh NC?

If you would like to help in this very important Twelfth Step work and have at least one year of continuous sobriety in the A.A. Program, please email the Intergroup BTG representative at

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